Building Trust

One of the most important values at Business Imaging is building trust with those who invest in my firm.

Having the honor of providing repeat services for clients is one of my primary goals. This represents a great example of building trust as well as confirmation that the services provided met or exceeded their expectations.

Here’s what a few of my clients have to say about their return on investment:

J.R., Financial Leader, Fortune 100 Healthcare, Medical Products & Equipment, US

I can’t say enough positive things about my recent experience working with Cheryl. My project was to undergo a significant transformation in our Finance team and thus included a heavy change management factor, specifically on the human capital side. To make matters more complicated, our organization was also mid-stream of being acquired by a much larger company, so our workforce was already facing plenty of uncertainty and change. We engaged Cheryl to develop a global change management strategy to support our transition of several finance roles to shared service centers. This included both headcount impact as well as job and responsibility changes for those not impacted by the move.

Cheryl was able to adjust on the fly and work with very unusual circumstances from an executive sponsorship standpoint. Given certain sites were outside the US, she also had to coordinate with foreign works councils and external HR teams to effectively manage this change. She did so without skipping a beat and faced each new challenge with a calm attentiveness and turned around adjustments immediately.

I look back at our success and can validate that her structure and guidance was paramount through the process. This attests to her thorough background and experience in change management as a whole. We can’t thank her enough for the support and flexibility throughout our project!

Executive Leadership Team from the Mental Fitness Program

  • “I can control my stress. I no longer feel stress late at night or in the day for no apparent reason, and I can control my stress and frustration during a hijacking of my negative emotions.”
  • “I definitely have far less Judge and Saboteur hijacking – it allowed me to deal with many challenges in the past few months”
  • “I started the Mental Fitness program during a very difficult point in my life and it has been very impactful on my wellness and relationships.”
  • “I have without a doubt noticed I don’t let my Saboteurs hijack me as long as they used too. This has led to a more positive and less stressful life. Don’t get me wrong, they still get me, but I recognize it much sooner and flip the script on them.”
  • “Knowing when my cruel Judge comes in and how to stop it from judging me, my circumstance or others.”

S.P., CEO and Founder, Privately Held, 100+ Employees, Construction, Florida

The executive coaching I’ve received from Cheryl is teaching me to dig deeper into the core issues and focus my efforts and energy in areas I had never thought of before. For example, I was always very reluctant to consider the development of an internal training program for the Estimator position within the company; from my sessions with Cheryl I’ve realized I need to have this base level training program in place before I can successfully develop more senior estimating roles as well as create a pipeline for this important team.

J.H., Operations Leader, Fortune Global 60 Industrials, Industrial Machinery, Germany

On an annual basis Cheryl McDuffie James comes in and speaks to the participants in my leadership development program. She is such a pleasure to work with and always brings fresh ideas and perspectives. Cheryl is wonderful at creating customized content for my audience which addresses the development objectives I set out for the program participants.

G.D, Marketing Leader, Fortune Global 300 Healthcare, Medical Products & Equipment, Ireland

Cheryl has worked with several of our divisions, one in particular was to launch a new service offering to the medical practices we served. This new service offering required skillsets and competencies we frankly did not possess at the time. Cheryl quickly proved to be an extremely valuable extension of our team; working both with our internal partners and directly with our key customers. Cheryl’s ability to leverage her cross functional experiences, across multiple industries, allowed her to connect with our customers and together with our teams provide effective practice solutions. Our teams relied on Cheryl for a variety of critical customer facing engagements; from leading dynamic and interactive symposium sessions to detailed one-on-one practice-based consultations. Cheryl’s adaptability, creativity, and persistent drive helped our teams refine our solution over time and ultimately achieve our goal of national therapy and product adoption.

I would love to have the opportunity to assist you in gaining a ROI that meets the needs of your team and organization. Simply contact me and let’s begin the conversation.