Welcome to Leadership Chaser! I’m so happy you decided to join me.

This is a place where the focus is on the constant pursuit of striving for daily, incremental improvements in how you lead.

Growing up in Northern Alabama, I spent my summers with my Great Aunt, one of the first school teachers in her small Central Alabama town. There was a miniature house on her property that housed all of her teaching materials, which was affectionately known as the “little house.”  Directly in front of the “little house” was a swing set which was located near a small, man-made fish pond.

I spent hours reading books and doing crafts from the “little house” with breaks of swinging as high as I could on the swing set. I would sit by the fish pond and watch the rather large fish swim about. Letting my mind wonder in the heat of the Alabama summers.

My Aunt was a loving but stern woman. She insisted on daily discipline of chores, school work, and free play. When I was challenged by any of the three, she reminded me that I could do anything if I put my mind to it; nothing was outside of my reach; and quality mattered. At the time I just blew it off as a grown up who didn’t understand the life of a kid.

As I reflect on my life, I realize that those words and the constant nudge to be all I can; not willing to limit myself by anyone or anything beyond my own self-imposed limits, nothing was impossible.

Along my journey, I’ve been asked by many, “where my drive and relentless pursue of excellence comes from?” “Why do I defy the odds and win “firsts” in so many situations?” “Where did I get my unwavering commitment to developing others?” It stems from a 5ft 2in petite lady, with her cat eye shaped spectacles, weighting no more than 100 pounds soaking wet, looking at me with eyes clouded with wisdom about things I had yet to uncover that instilled in a little, curious girl that she was equipped with everything she needed to go as far as she imagined she could go.

So, “Leadership Chaser” is devoted to my great aunt, Mary Griffin Martin, affectionately known as “T.T.” (my cousin couldn’t pronounce “Aunt T”). A trendsetter, motivator, teacher, spitfire and leader who was in the constant pursuit of showing up each day, making small incremental changes, striving to becoming the best version of a leader that she could be.

I look forward to seeing you here to join and engage in this journey as we master our quest in pursuit of the “Leadership Chaser!”