Everyday people are struggling. It has become increasingly clear that so many people have reached their mental low and are unable to bounce back. Many factors are at play from family demands of eldercare, assisting with schoolwork, preparing meals, and childcare to professional stressors of excessive meetings, virtual or in person, deadlines, external pricing pressure, stinking margins, turnover, and in some cases decreased demand for goods or services.

A recent survey suggests that it’s the accumulation of lots of small, continuous changes not large, unexpected changes that’s at the center of employee #burnout.

Although these challenges are not new, they have been constant. We are now two years post the onset of Covid and the mental fatigue just keeps on keeping on.

The lady at the checkout at the grocery store, the pool guy, your child’s teacher, the boys football coach, the nurse at the doctor’s office, the receptionist at your client’s showroom, the dog groomer, your boss, you get the picture. Mental exhaustion. It’s the topic of conversation.

Performance, relationships, and wellness are diminishing. You can’t “will” yourself to recovery. How does one flip the script? It starts with improving your #mentalfitness. Uncovering the instigators that generate the negative feelings and emotions like guilt, shame, anger, disappointment, and fear is a first step. Deflating the air that inflates them allows you to shift so that the everyday stressors become recycled fuel to help you regain your mental strength.

This type of work isn’t always convenient. The motivation for most is when the life they are living becomes less pleasant than the risk of changing in pursuit of the possibility of a better unknown that lies ahead. This is #intentional work that will get your head back in the game and your life on track. The stressors will be met differently releasing the ongoing hold they have on you today.

Clients report halfway into the program better sleep, less time being stuck or spiraling in the negative emotions, greater self-awareness of their triggers with faster recovery times, experiencing more positivity towards self, others, and the situations they encounter. They admit things are changing for the better, making better decisions, improved quality of relationships, and less stress.

Based in science, rooted in a multilayered approach, it is more of what Mark Batterson calls a “Go, set, ready” solution. It ends and begins with you saying yes to improved #mentalfitness.

This is not work; this is #transformational #leadership aimed at creating healthier, decisive, innovative leaders who are centered in empathy and compassion for themselves, others, and the situations they face.

I’m off to lead this experience; daily and weekly, while collectively silencing the stressors as positive mindsets guide better outcomes. This is changing the conversation to the response- “How are you doing?”

You are 7 weeks away from being #mentallystronger.